New tenancy incomplete

Hi, I am in the process of setting up a new tenancy through openrent, however the prospective tenant no longer responds to communications nor has paid in full the deposit/1st month rent. We have signed the contract but is the contract complete and legal without these payments? Can I just cancel everything and start again? Since he isn’t responding I’m not quite sure what to do, he isn’t due to enter the property until 1st May.

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Its possible that there is a reason for their unresponsiveness, such as being away, losing their phone or being in hospital. However, in practice its impossible for a landlord to check all the possibilities.

Normally the contract is not in force until the required payments have been made. If you have doubts about this applicant then in your shoes I would cancel everything now rather than risk a tenancy with someone unresponsive.

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Thanks David - in openrent it says ’ contract not yet in effect. It is currently described as awaiting full deposit and rent ’
I have tried to reach out to the applicant numerous times without response now for over a week.
My cancel options in openrent seem to involve, a tenancy surrender which the applicant has to agree to, if he is not responding how will that work?

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Is there a deadline to pay the rent and deposit as part of the contract? Has the deadline passed?

There is no tenancy yet and it doesn’t look as though there is a contract to supply a tenancy either. I think you should speak to someone at Openrent about how you would cancel the process from their end.


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