Landlord not responding

Hi, I really like a flat and I would like to rent it but first I would like to talk to the landlord about the price and about putting the 6 months break clause in the contract. The thing is, he isn’t responding to my message and he never gave me his phone number so I can’t call him. In open rent I only have sign one year minimum option for a price that I would like to negotiate. Can I change that after or would you advise to talk to the landlord first?

Hi Lucija, thanks for posting.

I can see we’ve been in touch over email already, recommending you to talk directly to the landlord about adjusting the length of the tenancy and negotiating the price. The landlord is in complete control of this, and can alter both via their account if necessary.

We always ask that you give a landlord at least 48 hours to respond through the messaging system on OpenRent. If they do not respond after that, we can chase them on your behalf, either by using the instructions in your enquiry SMS, by phoning us and using the property reference number, or by using the link in the email we sent you after you enquired (if email address was supplied).

Good luck in your search for a property! Elinor