Landlord not responding signing contract

I have signed my contract and am still waiting for the landlord to sign his, on the contract it shows today is the move in day. He has not replied to my emails, we have been in communication for two weeks. What could have happened? The only thing I had mentioned was about moving some things out, he said he was not happy with that and I agreed to his decision. After that he said I need to make payment but I am unable to do so as he has not signed the contract and OpenRent does not provide any further step until this has happened. I did send him the message saying this but nothing? Is he alright? How will I know?
has he re listed the property or did open rent? I can now see the property is available for Sep, our contract would end in Oct, but it has at the bottom available now? I am so confused on what is going on.

Hi Rebecca,

Sorry to hear of the delay here.

We advise trying to get hold of the landlord to discuss their intentions for you move, however if you are struggling to do so please do not hesitate to contact the team on so we can assist.

Kind regards,