Can landlord and tenants sign inventory online?

I had 3 tenants living in the property.
At the end of the tenancy one of the tenants moved out and another person moved in in.
So, a completely new tenancy was created.
As there were people living in the property, I could not go to take photographs for the inventory.

All the other tenancy documents where signed online when the new tenancy was created.

Immediately after the new tenancy started one of the tenants suffered from Covid 19. So, I could not go and take photographs for inventory even after they moved in.

Tenants agreed to take photographs and send to me by whatsapp or email.

Can I use those photos for the inventory?

Can I send the inventory by email to the tenants and can they agree to it by email?


Yes if photos are date stamped
Yes to email but they must sign it.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I emailed the tenants a draft copy of the inventory.
We will sign the inventory once it is safe for me to visit the property.