New tenants moving in the same date as old tenants move out - how to issue contract


Our current tenant are moving out on Oct 21st, but new tenants want to move in on the same day (they know eachother).

How do we issue a new contract to the new tenant? It seems OpenRent won’t allow this until the current tenant moves out and we can re-list the property.

Question 2: How does my current tenant get their deposit back? Is this automatic?


I wouldnt recommend doing this. If your tenant delayed moving out for any reason, youd be left in breach of contract with the new tenants and may have to cover a hotel bill wilst they wait. Id only sign a contract once the current tenant has handed back the keys.

Also allows for a property check and for any works or jobs however small to be dine prior to new moving in and an itemised inventory that way when the new TT moves out you know whats what they could always claim it was like that when they moved in

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