New to renting-advice needed

I am new to renting and have a question?
I have been asked to pay a security deposit and 5 weeks rent in advance.
If I move in on the 20th of this month when will my next rental payment be due?

You should ask the landlord or agent, as they decide. Probably the 1st Jan.

Thanks for replying
I will ask the estate agent.

As a general guide, on or before the 20th of the following month, or on or before the 1st of the month after, in your case before 1st December.

However, the correct answer is to see what the Tenancy Agreement requires of you.

Thanks for asking, and remember, ask your agent about anything that you don’t understand in your agreement, and for any support that you need, such as boiler breakdowns needing fixing. Refer to the agreement before you call them.

And finally, treat the place as if you owned it, but limited to what you are allowed to do as per that agreement: look after it, fix simple things like screws going loose, but anything needing repairs you must contact the agent and not do it your self. They will guide you. Good luck.

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply it’s really helpful.
I am confused ( not hard!! ) as to why Mark suggested 1st January?

I am a 56 yr old female who doesn’t have a clue about the process etc, I am leaving my 29 yr marriage and it’s all rather daunting!!
What is the 1 months rent in advance for?
Isn’t that for the next month?
Any other hints and tips you could give I would be very grateful

It’s not uncommon to have pro rata amounts in advance. In this scenario a LL may typically ask for the amount to cover rent from the 20th nov to the end of December. And then standard amount commencing 1st Jan. Only the agent/ll will be able to tell you.

The tenancy contract may not be clear what do to the first month (doubt you’ve even got it yet?). Usually signed on move in day, I would ask for a copy in advance.

Incidentally 5 weeks rent happens to be the max amount which can be taken as a security deposit, just incase there’s any crossed wires with “5 weeks rent”.

Yes, I wondered if the OP actually meant 5 weeks rent as a security deposit and a months rent in advance, which would make the next months rent due on 20 December.

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