Newham Mandatory HMO

I have a 3 bedroom house in Newham I am thinking to convert the through lounge to two bedrooms thus making it five bedrooms suitable for five individuals. The kitchen and bathroom will be shared. This will be just ground floor and first floor. Does anyone know the exact requirements requirements? May be someone who has done this already can advise.

At the moment it has wired, battery backed up interconnected smoke alarms in first floor landing, down stairs hallway and smoke & heat alarm in the kitchen.

My questions are

  1. Does every bedroom need smoke alarm/
  2. Does it need a fire panel?
  3. Does it need emergency lights & where?
  4. Does every single door need to be fire rated & fire strip installed including bathrooms?

Anything else I need to take care of?

Any advise is highly appreciated.


Start by looking at the requirements of your local council. They will be the ones to give you the best advice

Is it an HMO at the moment?

As above, read Newham’s HMO t’s & c’s, but most Councils will want to see a communal lounge in an HMO and possibly more than 1 kitchen for 5 people.

Whilst youre looking at Newhams website have a read of their Article 4 direction. If it applies to your area, youd need planning permission to run an HMO, which youd be unlikely to get.