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No HB allowed why?


Why are Landlords so against someone who has HB help even though they are working


It’s generally a stipulation from the mortgage lenders


I think this is true sometimes, but it’s not the whole story.

It’s very complex and there are many reasons why some properties won’t be let to tenants who claim benefits.

It would be very easy to speculate, but I don’t think speculation is helpful. It’s an empirical question and so it’s really just a question that has to be settled by proper investigations into decision making within the PRS.

Unfortunately, consumer groups (e.g. tenants) have poor incentives to the collective action needed to produce the research which could lead to changes in policy, whereas producer groups (landlords) are structured in a way that makes collective action more likely.

For example, it has been revealed by BBC (and other) investigation that many letting agents have a tacit policy against ‘DSS’ tenants.