No pets allowed but dog at the house on several occasions

I currently have a tenancy agreement which states no pets. Originally the tenants asked if they could have a dog, but I’ve had numerous issues in the past with dogs ruining carpets etc and have decided it’s too risky to allow them.

On a couple of occasions recently when I’ve visited the property to do repairs there has been a dog there. The tenants have said they are just looking after it for the day for someone, but I feel that isn’t true.

Where do I stand with this? Are they breaching the tenancy agreement by having an animal there even if it just at best for a day here and there?

you are being kidded

What does your contract read?

Tenant Obligations;

6.30. Not to keep any cat, dog (excluding guide dogs where reasonably necessary), bird or other pet or animal at the Premises without the Landlord’s written consent, such consent, if granted, to be revocable at will by the Landlord upon giving reasonable written notice. If consent is given, the Tenant agrees to undertake, or alternatively pay for, a full clean of the Premises with de-infestation cleaner upon termination of the tenancy.

They are in breach of contract. No pets unless you have given written permission.
Looking after them or not.

Get evidence first.

TBH you will need evidence from the neighbours in writing ( barking etc). You can’t go to the house every day as it would constitute harassment.

I would remind them of their contractual obligation.
Then tell them they are in breach of contract and it is not permitted.

You may want to serve a section 21 or do nothing at all.

You may want to increase rent to accommodate the pet ( if you have a clause in contract permitting you to do so) or if you are in the periodic increase rent.

I’m afraid you may not get money out of DPS.
You may need to go to court if there is pet damage and avoid adjudication so get evidence.