No use of Balcony in Tenancy Agreement

My husband doesn’t feel comfortable to let the tenants use the small balcony (facing a busy road so not exactly enticing).

Would you know if I breach any law by inserting a clause in the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement stating that no use of balcony is permitted for safety reasons?



put in a clause like that and they may think, what else about the place is unsafe ?

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Thanks Colin. That’s what I thought… perhaps the best we can do is to suggest not to use it during the viewing rather than making it so formal.
BTW, we have had no probs with the balcony but the few accidents on balconies on major newspapers freaked my husband out

how high up is it? Ie what floor is it on .Is the railing up to current standards? In height and rail spacing.

I remember there was a bizarre rash of accidents in hong kong a few years back where kids have school backpacks, they would be full of books and they’d come home, go out on the balcony and somehow lean over backwards and fall off.

1st floor. Railings are in good order and we had work done a couple of years ago. Just not feeling comfortable to use it. It is a small balcony that would accommodate max a couple of chairs

Ouch! I had in mind people overcrowding the small balcony, which ended in tragedy. We are talking about a Victorian building in Hove

well people have to be accoutable if they do stupid things . Are you to say to them not to use the bath as they may fall asleep and drown,not to use the cooker as they may burn themselves ?

I suggest you get the balcony checked for safety and if it passes, have a clause in you tenancy agreement about safe use of the balcony, not overcrowding it, etc

Thanks David. This is a good idea