Non binary tenant


I am having a new tenant move in but their legal name is different from the name they are now calling themselves.

Im just wondering on a document such as a tenant agreement do i have to use the tenant legal name or can i use the name they prefer to go by?


Sounds doggy to me think I would give this a miss or at least run it passed a solicitor.
What names on the passport.

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It’s not against the law for someone to call themselves whatever they want, but their legal name would need to be on the tenancy and match their other legal documents as Tony9 says.

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There is nothing to stop you putting both names on the paperwork with AKA between them. And there is nothing doggy or even dodgy about it.


Thanks everyone for your advice. I like the your replies Mr T and David122, thanks david122 i will put AKA on the agreement but like you all say start with their given name. Tony 9 im not sure how it can be dodgy for someone wanting to be called something else other then there given name, i have met the person and they are lovely like most other people.

I am lovely too, but I do not want to change my name,

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Can you be more specific about this as it could be anything
My father in law was called Miles but his real name was Anthony
First names are not legal and you can be Simon but be called Fifi if you want.
They could have had their surname changed by deed poll legally as well in which case there will be a record if this that you could ask for.
This will all come out in the wash anyway when you establish the “right to rent” and see their passport which presumably you should have a copy of via the referencing so raise it then. How they deal with this will be interesting and will set the tone for your future relationship. You could innocently point out the discrepancy in the names and ask them how they would like to be addressed and what names you should put on the forms as that is a legitimate question.
Legally you need to make sure the contract is with their “legal fiction” ( you could mention the other names as well just in case ) as noted on the passport to be enforceable because if you try and evict Fifi V’Jazzle in Court then Simon Smith will still be able to stay

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Not necessarily dodgy. E.g. Chinese people in the UK often go by a different first name than their legal name because nobody here can pronounce their legal way anyway. Trans/non-binary people also have a really good reason. Just write “Alexander (a.k.a. Boris) Johnson” on the tenancy agreement and you’re fine. I don’t think you need a solicitor unless you think there are more suspicious things and you can’t reference them because of the name change.