Tenant who is using multiple names now and refusing to register on electoral register

Hi I have a tenant who is using multiple names now and refusing to register on electoral register should I re reference and will tenant know if I do or evict

Evict .someone is up to no good

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Hi Nik, I really dont understand your issue, please can you elaborate further so i can respond better informed as the tenants could just be wanting to remain private people for instance yet what Colin said would be my initial thoughts yet you may wish to also look further into who they are and what they do to get a better understanding as to what they are up to if anything and further still, does it effect you in anyway or the property as it doesn’t sound like it.
I am baffled why a landlord would want/know or care if a existing tenant wants to go on a Electoral roll or not as i personally have never been on it and i would never go on it and i also use many different names for different things and i am a landlord.
I hope this helps

Exactly the wrong advice. It is compulsory to fill out the annual voter registration form even if you do not vote. Why would anybody want to have more than one name, unless you committing fraud? There are a multitude of alarm bells here.


Ian, your statement seems to enforce someone else’s statement of implication to being stereotypical, closed minded and borderline discriminative towards other people who wish to live a slightly different life to the normal or usual people like your self probably and this way of thinking which you have articulated is unnecessary in this modern Age.
People are legally permitted to use different names therefore there is nothing wrong in doing so, however if that said person was to use a false name under false pretence then that would be an offence, however in the UK we have a innocent until proven guilty policy in any event.
People realise that everyone and everything is tracking and monitoring everyone all of the time hence the reasoning for people wanting to try and stay anonomous as much as legally permitted to try and protect ones self as much as possible, this is similar to you simply using your front door lock to keep strangers out of your house, unless you live in a house with no door lock of course.

I can finalise my word, sealing the deal if you will by reminding you that you your self are here on a chat forum using a different name to your real name as " Ian16 " is defiantly not your real name.

Please try and give people a chance Ian, just because they are not acting in a way which you perceive as normal or the correct way it doesn’t mean they are suspicious enough to immediately judge them and issue a verdict as otherwise a lot more of less fortunate people to yourself will continue to suffer in this life.