Not happy all one sided

So this week I had two separate tenants want to leave early, one 2/12months and another 5weeks.
After talking to my agent , the tenant pays up to new tenant etc so I won’t be out of pocket .
What is annoying me more than ever is a tenant thinks they can break a contract but hate it when I’ve given a legal sect 21 !
I’ve decided that the next time I won’t allow it just to be a pain and prove a point !

then they haven’t broken the contract…

it may be frustrating and you’re feeling it particularly now, but punishing the next tenant doesn’t seem fair to me


It would be a mistake to try to force a reluctant tenant to remain in charge of your £x00,000 asset. Just do 6 month terms then periodic.

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They did break the contract and I was good enough to do it as long as they paid up to the next tenant , I will when the bill comes in hold a tenant to the minimum 6month and it will hurt tenants, that’s the price when it becomes regulated

You agreed a surrender so…

Forcing someone to pay or stay is never going to end well. As I said, I know you’re frustrated, but I don’t think your approach is going to prevent this situation from re-occurring and is likely to make it worse the next time it does.

It might be worth putting a little thought into whether you missed something in terms of selecting these particular tenants (or the properties they’re in). That’s pretty much all you can control so that’s where I think I’d start.

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