Not paid water bill during tenancy

so i started renting for the first time and didnt set up a water account during my time there (about 8 months).
ive been in contact with the water company to explain that i would like to pay the bill for the 8 months but they say they won’t backdate and will pick up the cost.
my landlord is not happy and insists i need to pay the bill.
what would the solution to this?

They dont want your money?

literally, no…
i have audio of phonecall, customer service rep says they don’t have system in place to take payments for previous periods, and the cost will be swallowed by the company.
have told this to the landlord, and offered audio as evidence, but he thinks i am trying to pull a fast one.
i think i will try the water company again and try to get them to send me something in writing…

This seems to be between the water company and you. Why did the landlord even get involved? If there is no unpaid bill, they have no reason whatsoever to be unhappy. I wouldn’t call the water company again. In all honestly, I think they have enough actual work to do and they’ve already made their point clear. They are already swallong the costs, probably because they don’t want to spend the time it takes to set up a system for this special case, and asking them to write a letter just to please an unreasonable landlord is a waste of their time.