Not possible to wait in all day for tradesman

Landord texts to say we should wait in all day next thur for tradesman to make repairs. We told him its not possible. From 9pm to 1.30pm tradesman would need to call. We pick kids up from school at 2pm then bring them home change them get them fed so wouldnt suit a tradesman being there. Not comfortable leaving a key Are we being fair? This tradesman has proven unreliable as well. Never turned up several times for his timeslots. But we are giving him more chances. More no shows will be reported to enviromental health.

I’d negotiate and say you need a smaller window of time, within 2/3 hours for example. 9-1:30 is not all day but I see your point. Unfortunately landlords will always have the upper hand - if you want whatever it is fixed - they need access. Daytime is most people’s working times…. Just negotiate, most people are very fair. Good luck!

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No organised trades person needs a whole day “window” to visit a property. Completely unacceptable imho.

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Why cant a Tradesperson be there if your kids are being fed? What job are they coming to do?

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Also if there are 2 of you why cant someone wait in whilst the ither takes and or collects the children
At the end of the day Im guessing you need a job doing hence having a tradesperson booked to attend so surely its worrh the sacrifice to habe the job completed

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My wife has health issues and 2 children need to be collected from main road. Cant do it herself.this tradesperson should be able to come during a window of 4.5 to 5 hours on one day. Few times got someone to collect kids and stayed in all day and this tradesmen never showed. Not doing it again.

My thoughts exactly, after the first two problems in house weren’t fixed in 6 weeks due to this incompetent tradesman whos a friend of landlord not turning up, landlord hired two professionals one came first thing on a tue morning and fixed heating in few hours. One came on wed and fixed tap in few hours. But landlord back to getting his mate and problems the same. He demands you wait in all day, its about 95% certain he wont turn up.

As I said before, its not your job to facilitate access, its the landlords. You can just say that you don’t plan to be in all day and that he is welcome to attend with his keys to let the tradesman in.

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Most of the plumbers I employ demands one full day window. As a tenant, you please work with LL. If you tell us you don’t trust your LL with key, then this is not going to work for long

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Landlord works so not possible for him to be there. Wont give key to tradesman i dont know. We collect two children so wife needs help as had health issues. A decent tradesman can work round the times that suit. Am sure he can pick a day to come during the 4 or 5 hour window that suits the tenant.

Thats the landlords problem, not yours.

Landlord works so not possible for him to be there.
So, LL can’t accommodate the tradesman but you have to?

Maybe give the landlord 2-3 times where you are available in slots of a few hours and this can be pitched to the tradesman?

Hopefully they want the work.

I’m a LL and a tenant and it seems I’m totally at the mercy of tradespeople because of the demand.

It’s not a “client-focussed” industry.

They come when they come and charge a lot - but all day windows and no shows = bananas. Sorry - this sounds super stressful.

Good luck!

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