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Not posssible to delete messages

Just wondering if this functionality would be added?

As I have multiple unrelevant messages, and those are filling my inbox.

Hi Avi, if you are the tenant, you can cancel enquiries and then filter them out of your conversatinos view using the filters button.



Hi Sam,
Can you please explain how can I cancel the enquiry? I haven’t found this functionality as well.

Please can you explain again why this is so complictaed? If I have 50 old inquires, should I waste time accessing each and every one of them and doing the cancelation instead of just deleting the meesage?

It seems that the DEV team have not tried the product for the ease of use, and it’s not user friendly at the moment.

Hi Avi, to cancel an enquiry, just click into the enquiry from your enquiry managment page, and hit the big, red Cancel Enquiry button. It looks like this:

image (51)

I don’t personally find this to be too complicated, but I’d be eager to hear what issues you’re having with it so that we can improve the site.

This would be very irregular. Most tenants enquire about ~5 properties before they find their home.

Canceling is pretty much the same as deleting, so I don’t think it’s the case that ‘deleting’, which you would presumably do by pressing a ‘delete’ button would be any faster than canceling, which you currently do by clicking a ‘cancel’ button.

I hope this covers all your questions and let me know if you have any more feedback for the team.


Hi Sam,

For some reason if the property was moved to ‘Let Agreed’ status recently then it possible to cancel the inquiry, but for old properties (few months ago) it is not possible to do so.

Recent listing

Old listing

And again it doesn’t really ease the user experience, as I’m required to go to the propertie’s details and select the conversation window and press the cancellation button (if it was working).

Why shouldn’t it be possible to do from the main message’s window to save time?

Also, why shouldn’t be possible to just delete the message?

Some of the landlords of the properties reply that they have an offer that is in process, but if this would not be finalised they would be happy to contact back to me.

Canceling the enquiry is probably deletes the rent request from the landlord’s meesage box, so in that case I would be interested to keep the enquiry at the landlord’s side, but just to delete it from the mail box.

Plesae find below a ghost listing that could not be removed from my enquiry list:

As it seen below, not possible to do anything:

And the cancelled enquiries are still cluttering the mail box:

Hi Avi, thanks for this. I’m passing it on to our team who will look into improving this part of the site.


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Hi I have never seen this big red CANCEL ENQUIRY button, only ever REJECT ENQUIRY.
Would love to delete so many redundants

I also have not seen the CANCEL ENQUIRY button, it is very annoying not being able to delete dead enquiries… also makes it hard to see the new ones, with so much “dead wood”

Agree that I’d like to see the function to delete/archive old messages.

I agree with OP that the process to cancel requests is absolutely not user-friendly and way off what we can expect in this day and age. You can do better with UX. We should be able to delete messages on the go. Also, yes it is absolutely normal to send 50 messages - do you not live in London? It’s absolutely normal in London.