Trying to delete

I have a message from a potential tennant and open rent are not cooperating. I cant delete his messages to myself on this app .im sure it has been done deliberately. As ive askd the person to stop messaging myself but still he is doing it to be awkward .as ive asked open rent to delete him it maybe ine of there guys whos diing this to anoy me ill try the manager tomorrow.l

they cannot be doing something deliberately. They know their stuff and would not do anything to hinder their business. do doubt they will reply soon

Hi @Michael74 -

Where a tenant has simply enquired about your property, and they aren’t suitable for you, you can click the “Decline Enquiry” button that’s present on the messaging screen.

Where a tenant has placed a holding deposit, you just need to go to the holding deposit decision screen, and scroll to: “Cancel / Rejection Options”. There you will see: " Unsuitable Tenants or Unwanted Holding Deposit" and clear guidance.

Our team have responded to all of your questions, and we’ve emailed you with clear guidance for both of these situations. If anything wasn’t clear in our communications, do let us know, however it’s important to read our emails / SMS so we can guide you on what to do next.

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