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Hi guys. Hopefully an easy one for you. I have a contract which states either I or the landlord can end the agreement with 1 months written notice, I have done this, but now he has stated that unless I find a replacement tenant I will have to continue to pay the rent. There is nothing in the agreement which states this, only states that 1 months notice is required. The short notice was his idea as he was planning on selling the house and didn’t want to tie the 5 of us into a long term. I’m the only one leaving. Any advice would be appreciated.

Can you reproduce the notice clause verbatim. Are you in a fixed term tenancy? You cant normally serve a valid notice until this ends

Hi David, I didn’t sign for a term, signed to say how much and how often with a months notice, didn’t agree or sign anything that stated a period of time. So not actually in a term?

That’s odd that there isn’t an initial fixed period… sounds quite different to a typical assured short hold tenancy agreement. Can you copy and paste the paragraph referring to the notice period? Do each of your group have your own individual tenancy agreements? If individual agreements per tenant then I think you don’t need to find a replacement tenant. However, if the other 4 tenants and yourself are on the same tenancy agreement then you are jointly liable for the rent. So if you are moving out, you and the remaining tenants still remain responsible for the whole rent. It would be in the tenants’ interest to find a replacement tenant or otherwise continue paying the increased amount of rent per person (as the rent would be split by 4 people rather than 5 assuming you decide to stop paying your share of the rent).
This website have some more info: Renting with other people - Citizens Advice

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If thats all you signed then you have no liability to find another tenant. It sounds as though your landlord is making it up as he goes along. Did you pay a deposit?

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