Fixed term End of tenancy


I hope I can get some help with my situation If someone has been through.

I am on a fix term contract ending next month and I gave my landlord notice 4 weeks ahead of the termination saying that I will be moving somewhere else.

I am being told I need to pay an extra month. I went through the contract and I could not see anywhere saying that about 2 months notice as a tenant.

It does say the tenant should serve 4 weeks notice if it is Periodic Tenancy but mine it is still fixed running out.

I have attached a picture with the termination clauses.

Are you sure this is a fixed term tenancy? What does the contract say happens at the end? If it says something along the lines that it continues as a periodic tenancy or contractual periodic tenancy, then the agent may be right. If it mentions a statutory periodic tenancy or says nothing about it continuing, then you dont need to, (more accurately cant) serve notice to end the fixed term and you can just leave without notice on or before the last day.

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