Tenant failed refrencing with a CCJ

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not having come across this before.

What would my next course of action be?

Thanking you.

It would be to investigate further. If the ccj is for anything to do with a tenancy or if he knew about it and failed to say anything, I wouldnt consider him. If you are completely satisfied that he was unaware of the ccj and he is now making efforts to satisfy it, then maybe, depending on the circumsrances.


Thank you. I shall ask the question.

This came up through Openrent refrencing. They sate its still unpaid and have no further info regarding it, is this correct?

I would reject them or ask for a guarantor. I have found in the past tenants with a ccj already are not concerned about getting another one, so I do tend to have problems mainly with tenants who have got a ccj who are not concerned about their credit.


i took pity on my very first tenant who happened to have a CCJ. Wrecked my house and abandoned it in arrears


Before moving to referencing and incurring costs, you should of got answers to this and many other questions from him in writing ( e mail ). You could then take a deposit off them and if found to have lied you keep the deposit.
Many first time LL have fallen for thes tricksters, who tell lies knowing it wont cost them.
Bye the way , dont have anything further to do with them, or you will be sorry.

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CCJ, walk away. There are loads of responsible tenants out there without them. Dont listen to sob stories and dont bring grief onto to yourselves. The truth is its a landlords market. Don’t do something you will later come to regret


Personally as I use rentguard for the 1st year I pass them over as they will not cover it. I need to protect myself first and foremost as I cannot afford to take chances. The tenants are well protected but landlords are at tgeir mercy.

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