Open rent not registerd my deposit tentant deposit registered

I have registered my deposit with my deposits schemes as an insured login but its not showing on open rent and i keep getting open rent notifcations to register it. Open rent only alllowed login as community not insured login so i did it directly in my deposits.

How do i notify open rent so they can record this for tenant records?

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Hi @Rikhil - It looks like your tenancy is all set up, so it seems like this was resolved directly. If you wanted to share back with the community what went wrong, that would be great - and maybe we can help improve the process!

Thanks, Daz.

Hi Daz

It was not very clear on open rent that it is essential to have a custodial my deposit account where the deposit is taken from the tenant and sent to my deposits.

In my case I already had an insured account and I wasn’t very clear on the difference in accounts so I created a my deposits account for the tenants deposit there.

Anyway i figured it out in the end.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Rik Trivedi

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