DPS says deposit not found

Tenancy has ended and I would like to return the deposit to the tenants.

Open Rent platform says it’s registered with DPS but when I login it’s not there.

Has anyone had this issue with Open Rent? How do you get hold of them to get your details?


Is it fairly old tenancy as openrent have used mydeposits for awhile now. If it is DPS they have 2 types, insured and custodial have you checked both?

there are only three govt-backed schemes: DPS, TDS, and MyDeposits. You can search all three with tenancy details and deposit value. Have you done that to find out where it is?

That’s assuming you’re in England or Wales.

Thanks both

It’s not in My Deposits. As mentioned, it clearly states on Open Rent that it’s protected with DPS, so I would have thought they would update it if something has changed.

Is there anyway to contact Open Rent directly about this, as DPS are saying they have no record of it?


bizarre. I used RentNow back in 2022 and it was My Deposits then. Did your tenancy start before that?

Mods might pick up your request on here, but if not, you can send a message via the “Click here to send a message” button at the bottom of this page.

That’s great thank you!

It was back in 2018! Long let.

I’ve now found the DPS certificate so hopefully DPS will accept this, otherwise I’ve contacted open rent to ask them to verify me.