Openrent communication issues///help please!

I am losing the will to live…please help me!
Had tenants for two years. Decided to do rent increase (which was agreed by all)
I have made phone calls, numerous emails and they just keep telling me to follow the link to increase rent.
I have had rent collection (£10 per month) from the start.
My dashboard show no listings and that I am not signed up for rent collection (now called SMART rent collection)
They continue to send me links…can’t get them to understand despite screen shots and proof of property. I am about to lose rent increase because I cannot change contract through them. They continue to send me the links that do not/are not on my dashboard. HOW DO I GET THIS THROUGH TO THEM…please help me…with gratitude x

Thanks for your post - I’d guess you have multiple accounts with OpenRent. If you look at your emails, you’ll probably see the emails referring to your rent collection payments have a different email address to the emails you’re using with your latest account. You can check the “To” field on the emails you receive from OpenRent.

You can simply reset the password on your original account (once you know which email it is using), and then you’ll be able to login. You can reset your password here:


Daz, thank you so much for replying…you were spot on! They got my original email wrong by missing a full stop. When I informed them over two years ago, they just reopened an account with the correct email and left the other one up and running!
I am most grateful…tthank you VERY much!


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