OpenRent doesn't seem to want my business

OpenRent doesn’t accept either my business card or business debit card for payment. I want to use it to run all of my tenancies and do away with agencies, but literally, I can’t get them to take my money. My cards are working fine elsewhere and I am sure other sites are using Stripe also.

When I contact them I get the same template message saying, try this or that. I have tried all they suggest and they then don’t reply when I ask for further investigation. I have private banking and they have checked every transaction, my card passes the pre-auth, but then something goes wrong at OpenRent’s end.

I wanted to list a place quickly last week, so I used my personal card, which is a huge pain as I’ll have to expense it. Now my personal card isn’t validating either. Completely different banks. Seriously OpenRent, you are making it impossible for me to give you my business.

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for getting in touch and we’re really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve recently experienced.

Please click here to contact our customer support team so that we can help get this resolved for you.

I have already tried this, this is how I got to the point of posting. What an absolute farce!