Openrent have advised me that my AST is ending

I am a landlord, I am new to openrent and have just received an email saying my AST is ending. Its only 6 months in and I thought that the contract just ran until the tenant or the landlord wants to give notice. Is that wrong?

Do we have to re-sign an agreement? what are the benefits please? thank you

you can let it roll over if you both wish or write out a new agreement. I wrote out a 6 month agreement 20 years ago fo a tenant and he is still there and still pays the rent we just let it roll over.

I agree with Colin3: the email was just a reminder, should you wish to terminate the agreement, or provide a new agreement. The latter can be provided anytime after it turns into a monthly rolling contract, so you need do nothing at this stage.

This will be notification of the break clause in the AST. If both parties wish to continue, you need to do nothing and it will roll over into a periodic tenancy

Most tenancies state a fixed term. This is usually 6 or 12 months but can be anything up to 3 yrs (longer with a deed) . It is in effect the minimum term during which the tenancy cannot be ended (unless there is a break clause) . The tenant can move out when the fixed term ends without giving notice. If the tenant remains in the property after the fixed term ends the tenancy usually becomes a statutory periodic tenancy which usually runs from month to month (depending on the original rent payment period). This happens automatically. The terms of the tenancy will be the same as the original contract except notice periods will be governed by statute. A tenant will need to give a minimum of one payment period of notice (usually one month) . The landlord will have to give two.

So it sounds like your fixed term is coming to and end. If neither of you does anything it will become a statutory periodic tenancy, which is fine. Make sure that your deposit remains protected if you are using an insurance scheme.

Hi Chris,

Apologies if this was confusing. We send that email just to remind landlords that their fixed term is coming to an end. If the landlord and tenant continue with their agreement, then just as you say, the tenancy continues, but as a periodic tenancy. It will no longer be a fixed term.

Some landlords will prefer to be in the security of a fixed term, and so this reminder is an opportunity to considering offering a renewal of the fixed term. Some tenants will end the tenancy at the end of the fixed term – often without much notice – so this email provides a convenient link for landlords to re-advertise their property if needed.

Landlords who use Rent Now will also be given the option to renew the tenancy online in a few clicks. We send a new tenancy agreement out to all parties to sign. This is a totally free renewals service :slight_smile:

Hope that helps explain the email - let me know if any further Qs!