OpenRent Newbie

So I have never used OpenRent before - recommended to me. I have found my own tenants as didn’t want to use another agent but I just need some clarification on how this works on here:

  1. After OpenRent has done the 1 day speedy tenant referencing for me - if all is ok what’s my next step on here? if I want to appoint the tenants? I’m not quite clear on the whole “Get tenant to click on the Rent Now” button online which will generate the Deposit protection. I would like to issue the contract BEFORE they give me the deposit so will OpenRent send them the contract then I can get the deposit??

  2. Is OpenRent simply for the initial finding a tenant / deposit / agreements etc? I’m assuming they do nothing else further down the line?

Thank you for any insights :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I’ve never used the Rent Now feature, but I think you should go for comprehensive referencing, not speedy.

Hi, thank you for your message. The only reason I’m going for speedy is I’m aware my potential tenant is waiting on an answer from me as to whether she can take the property or not. It’s already been a week while I’ve been thinking about her coming to me with an offer of a tenancy plus following up her references myself. However, you do state a good point. My own references have only been professional and previous tenancy refs. I admit I do need credit checks one too - although I have insisted they give me 6mths up front plus a deposit and they’ve verbally agreed to this…

So agree with David here: comprehensive is better. Takes a day or so longer, but is better.

Yes you issue contract before deposit (holding deposit is something else so if you’re talking about that, then no). This is how it goes

Holding deposit
Deposit+ Rent
Moving in

There is a template of the contract on Openrent’s website which you can send to the tenants for them to read.

As for the “rent now”. The property needs to be listed through Openrent and the tenants must have registered interest in the property on the website for the process to start (99% sure, I’ve always found my tenants on here so has never been an issue)

Thank you for your reply. So I’m actually a member of NRLA too but a few people have recommended I use OpenRent for tenant referencing / contracts / inventory etc. I’m wondering what OpenRent can do for me that NRLA can’t as it seems about the same really…

Never used NRLA but the advantage with Openrent is that it is a very smooth process. From advertising to moving in.

It’s extremely good value for what you get.

Most referencing processes are the same. I’m also an NRLA member but always use Openrent to advertise and reference. I then do the rest myself using NRLA docs.

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