OpenRent refuse to act to keep Landlords safe from criminal tenants

On a couple of occasions recently I have been approached by “tenants from hell” that I have had previous bad experiences with and I have reported them to OpenRent and given documentary evidence to support my notification. One was even breaching OpenRents terms by using a false name of Lydia Grant and pretending to be a female to obscure their real identity and one was a convicted fraudster and car trader who takes over a property with a car business, stored cans of petrol in the communal hallways breaching fire and insurance regulations and caused tens of £1000’s of pounds worth of damage and lost rent and sadly a nervous breakdown for the last landlord.
Despite this OpenRent refused to do anything about these two problems and allowed these people free rein on the platform to cause misery on unsuspecting landlords despite OpenRent persistently sending threatening communications to Landlords over the slightest perceived infringements. Given that Landlords are the customer and fund the OpenRent platform this treatment of Landlords is unacceptable. They claim to be “working in something” but refuse to give any details or timeframe. They are scared of defamation but do not hesitate to operate a double standard and accuse landlords of breaking the law themselves even when there is no evidence.
Anyone in the High Wycombe area is welcome to contact me for details of these fraudsters. Maybe a Community page for this topic would help?


My experiance of open rent is not good, I had a gas check done and the guy who did it frightened the tenants to try and get more work. Boiler was checked and passed. Open rent didnt care and still employ this rogue trader to do their tests, not ever again for me.


Thank you @Emma13. I rent properties in High Wycombe and would appreciate details.

Hi Leslie, I’m interested as to what the gas engineer said to get done? How do you know it wasn’t a legitimate recommendation? I would be unhappy with gas engineer discussing it with tenant though!

Sounds like drumming up business as you have suggested. Generally they will say replace it if over 10 years old and things are starting to fail. When repairing old boilers disturbing “good” components to access the faulty ones can create huge headaches so experienced engineers are reluctant to get involved as opens up a can of worms.

It’s not on though tradesmen discussing anything with tenant.

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