Openrent Referencing Check Amendment

Hi all,

Posting here to seek some attention from the Openrent team to look into my case to revise some mistakes input into the referencing check! I have tried contacting Openrent sending a help message but takes forever to get replies from, especially desperate as renting in London now is in acute market condition and I am having to compete with another tenant for the referencing checks.

Does anyone know if the income levels are reported with discrepancy between referees & applicant, it will affect the referencing check scores outcome?

I don’t represent Open rent, but have used referencing as a Landlord.

When I have received references they state the income level that has been reported, and how much of that is “verified” . Also, on a report I received in Dec 22 it showed a value for “max rent affordability” - how they calculate that I have no idea.
I have received references from self employed, where the verified income is marked as nil (I guess they didn’t give sufficient (or any) back up. So the reference gives a big fat red flag: this means the landlord won’t be able to get rent insurance without guarantor(s). FWIW I went ahead anyway, and have a good set of tenants .

If you have problems on your personal reference, maybe offer up a guarantor if possible (but be aware that a) it is a real financial commitment for the guarantor if things go south and b) the extra reference will cost the landlord another £20, which they can’t reclaim from you. It will also cause delays whilst the guarantor reference is obtained )

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