Tenant liability for repairs

Hi all. I have a question I hope you can help with. I got a call saying there was a leak coming from my rented flat into the business below. Having got a plumber in it looks like the cistern has been leaking. The plumber said that water has been consistently dripping in the toilet bowl (in between flushing which the tenants would have noticed) for days/weeks and the water has built up. My tenants did not make me aware of this. Does this mean they have some liability and should pay for some of the work? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


If the tenant thought it was just dripping into the toilet bowl then thats not a major problem so dont think it is tenants fault.

Is the only damage to downstairs flat? That should be covered by their insurance, similar thing happened to me and insurance covered it.


As Richard19 says, you should probably advise the business to claim on their insurance as you may have no liability.

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Thanks Richard. It’s the business downstairs and the flat next door (although damage there is minimal). I spoke to the insurers and they advised the same so will wait and see what the other owners come back with now. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

It’s standard that there is a clause in the AST that tenants must report any problems or damage.

However, it’s proving that they knew about this, that is the problem.

In my experience tenants tended only to report things when it was causing them bother or inconvenience.

Yes, I can imagine that’s the case. I’ve spoken to them and just tried to reiterate that they need to let me know if there are any issues even if they seem minor to them.

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