Oven Cleaning and Freezer defrosting


I own a shared house with 4 tenants, only 2 reside in the house at the moment and over the last year during covid. I pay a cleaner to come in every two weeks to clean the communal area. She has contacted me saying that the oven needs cleaning and that the freezer will need defrosting soon.

When I let the property it was spotlessly clean and the oven was like new.

I would appreciate advice on what is reasonable in terms of rectifying these issues.

Many Thanks

Depends on your contract and the condition you let out your oven in for these two tenants if they have come in at different times
What was the condition of the oven when it was rented out in (inventory?)

You have a cleaner
Is that part of your contract?
If it is, it’s your responsibility unless you have a separate provision for the oven in contract
It’s about £50 to clean an oven by a one man band
You could ask your cleaner to do it
If you are providing a cleaner bite the bullet and pay to get it done if you don’t have anything in contract specifying who’s responsibility it is to clean certain items

We ask the tenants because it is written in contract
They are asked to do it in advance of inspection
If it’s not done we write to them offering them the chance to do it or we’ll get a professional in at their cost

You can ask tenants to do it, but you can’t count on it being done. Ultimately its your responsibility if you are letting on a room only tenancy basis.

Thanks for your responses. Having done more research it is the tenants responsibility for both.

If its a joint tenancy then you have no obligation to provide a cleaner as the tenants are renting the whole property.