Fridge Filter Advice

Hello, We have a fridge in our rental but it has a filter which needs replacing every 6 months or so. These are about £15 which isn’t a problem but is it up to us our the tenant to purchase? Thanks

if you supplied the fridge then its up to you

I thought as much, many thanks

thats why I never put white goods in a rental ,its then up to us to replace and repair

Yes I agree, we don’t in our first rental but this one is our house and we did it up for ourselves not thinking we would rent it, so got everything integrated, now decided to rent it, so stuck with the pain of white goods!

I get it… yes Integrated in rentals is a right pain… i simply leave a space for a washer, cooker and fridge When the tenant pays for them they tend to look after them better.


The more you supply the more responsibility don’t forget the PAT as well because it’s your appliance you’ll need to obtain an electrical safety cert because it’s yours-better to make a clause in the contract that states tenants are responsible or take the fridge away- I’m ditching my appliances for this very reason - good luck

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You should clarify at beginning of tenancy contract when you do inventory.

I always remind the tenant to replace the filter for extractor/ hood as in some where they need to replace. Some have wired filter and they have to keep clean or they can replace it.