Paperwork for agreed not to renew tenancy

Hi all, by mutual agreement my tenant has decided not to renew their tenancy agreement, and I will be moving onto other things with the property, so all good. Question is, what paperwork would be required to dot the I’s and cross the T’s, so to speak? I would imagine just a letter signed by both parties agreeing that this is the end date of the tenancy and the keys and place to be handed over on xxx date? There is a lot of information on serving notice - but I have been unable to find anything on non-renewal by mutual agreement. Many thanks in advance!

So, if your tenant wants to move out they simply give notice (for instance e-mail if your contract states that is ok). You then reply and confirm. That’s it. As long as you’re in agreement a text or verbally is fine but could cause problems should they change their minds.

If your tenancy is or becomes a contractual period tenancy then the tenant should serve notice in line with the tenancy agreement. If not, then the tenant can leave without notice at the end of the fixed term. Ideally you would have some written evidence that this is what they are doing, such as a letter or email that you acknowledge.

Thanks folks, really appreciate the advice and was kind of what I was thinking would be required