Landlord hasn't signed the renewal tenancy agreement - can I move out anytime?

Hi everyone,

So I moved into a house in May 2022. The landlord sent me a tenancy renewal contract in October, which I signed immediately. But he hasn’t. Even after asking him to do so - he hasn’t answered the message since then.

I have been paying the rent as if the contract would be in effect, but now I want to move out. Am I allowed to leave whenever I want, or do I need to wait until April when the tenancy is supposed to end?

Contracts dont even need to be written to be valid, let alone signed. Your renewal contract is valid and you have to abide by it.

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It sounds like your landlord is not responsive. Which is certainly not good, since you will have to have a discussion with them.

How do you know that they haven’t signed? Do you just mean that they haven’t given you a copy of their signed version? That would be bad behaviour on their part but it doesn’t make it invalid in any way.

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