Rent increase Form 4

My tenant has now been in situ for just short of 2 years. He started with an AST of six months and is now on a statutory periodic. The rent has never been increased but I now feel a realistic increase is appropriate.
There is no rent review clause.

I will try for an agreement first of all but I he probably won’t agree.

So I’m looking at Form 4 just in case I need to serve one under Section 13.

But can anyone help me with para 3 of the form
“The first rent increase date after 11 February 2003 is…….”

What is meant by that date? What do I put in these circumstances? As I say, the rent has been the same in almost 2 years.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

The clause is a bit of an anachronism now, but you just put the date of your increase as its the first one.

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Thank you David for your reply.
Much appreciated

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