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Rent Increase by Agreement - is section 13 still needed?

When the tenant agrees to the rent increase, is it still necessary to send a section 13?

The letting agent is saying that it is, but my research and understanding is that rent increase by agreement does not require a section 13 and a section 13 should only be used when the tenant isn’t willing to agree.

Not needed once the tenant starts paying

Your agent probably wants it in writing to collect their “fair” share.

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That’s my thought as well. Unfortunately it’s delayed the increase by two months and pissed off the tenants.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I just get the tenant signed on a paper with rent increase declaration and duration each time, this works

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Seems like overkill.

It delays the increased rent payment date as well. We had been discussing increasing it from this payment due in January and the section 13 delays it til March.

They didn’t even give us a chance to agree. The day the letting agent told us about it, after we said we need to think about it then contacted the landlord because there was something we wanted to request. While in email discussion with the landlord we recieved the section 13 in the mail.

The letting agent filed the Section 13 the same day they told us and the landlord is claiming that this was a requirement and the law does not allow them to increase the rent by agreement.

I wanted to make sure this was false before calling the landlord on it.