Parent Enquiry on behalf of daughter

As the title, I have had an enquiry on behalf of her daughter.

The mother lives in my neigbourhood, her daughter and boyfriend are relocating from Australia back to the UK.

The mother has said they are willing to pay 6 months up front, which makes me think their salary is low.

What would experienced landlords do here?

(My gut feeling is to avoid - I mean why is she leaving it for her mother to do the search unless the mother just took it upon herself. Maybe I should ask them to contact me directly.)


If they are moving back to the UK, I would presume their salary will be zero until they find jobs - unless they already have one lined up.

If they are the other side of the world perhaps it’s easier for the mother to look initially. Who knows how they operate.

If may well be easier to find tenants who are already residents in the UK.

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