Paused listing and Open rent demanded deposit

We paused a listing as we had a number of applications to process but all our prospective tenants then got an email from Open rent saying they needed to put down a holding deposit. We hadn’t requested it and it was not what we wanted. It was a nightmare. Why would this happen?

Hi Laura,

Apologies for any confusion here - after a tenant enquires into a property listing, we let them know the tenancy creation process. This allows the tenants to know what to expect and how to create a tenancy so there aren’t any surprises for landlords or tenants and the entire process can proceed smoothly. Part of creating a tenancy is paying a holding deposit so it appears that some of your potential tenants may have misunderstood our guidance on how to create a tenancy as a request to place a holding deposit. If you’ve got any further questions, please feel free to contact us at



That makes sense apart from we don’t use the Rent Now process so they never enter into your tenancy creation scheme. Your email just confuses everyone. Maybe it could only be sent to those actually choosing to use your services.