Paying rent before viewing

Hello, I’m after some help as I’m slightly concerned regarding a property.
I have been speaking to a lady and she has a property up for rent which I’m really interested in. She advises she lives abroad so is using OpenRent to deal with the property.
She’s advised I have to pay first month’s rent plus a bond before I can even go and view the property.
Can you confirm if this is a correct procedure as it is confusing me as to why I would need to pay this large amount of money before I even view the property and decide if I want to go ahead with it?
Thanks "

Its almost certainly a scam. There are many of these sorts of posts on places like Facebook Marketplace. Never pay any money before viewing a property and never pay anything before getting proof of ownership from the landlord.

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Do NOT do it . Others have fallen for this scam. I cannot believe you think this is remotely ok

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@keyleighs What was her name? I am currently in a similar situation!

Its a scam!

Ask yourself, would you ever buy a product before you even show interest in wanting to buy it? Extremely unlikely.

People like that are scum :frowning: