How to identify whether the landlord is a scammer or not?

Hi I just inquired about a three-bedroom property today and the landlord is getting in touch with me and he’s asking me to pay the holding deposit and one months rent before the viewing. how do I make sure that he is not a scammer?

Do NOT pay anyting before a viewing That is risking your money. You can check he owns the place thru Land Registry ,for a few quid and then ask for his ID


I think you can be fairly sure this person is dodgy

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I’ve also been sent am email asking to place a holding deposit for a property I haven’t yet seen!! :rage:

So this is a scammer.

Firstly, the holding deposit can be no more than 1 week’s rent.

Secondly, you pay the first month’s rent when you have agreed to rent and he has accepted you.

Thirdly, if he asked you to pay outside OR then you MUST check his identity. Checking who owns the property is not enough as he could pretend to be the LL.

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Find something else this is not a good start to a business relationship ( landlord/ tenant ) has bad vibes … find another property where you get the right vibes

On OpenRent, one prospective tenants asked if he will get his holding deposit refunded if after viewing he did not like the property. I have not asked for holding deposit, so I was surprised to hear this. I responded to him that the holding deposit is not to be paid before viewing the property. I stressed that I would not accept holding deposit without them viewing it and decide to have it. I never press the button, ask for holding deposit, until they have seen the property and are interested.
No prospective tenants should pay holding deposit until they have viewed and approved of it.

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