Payment Failed - RentNow process

Prospective tenant is trying to initite RentNow, however is getting payment failed when attempting to make £200 payment.

“our provider has informed us that there was a problem with your payment”

anyone seen this before?

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Hi Alexander,

Thanks for posting - welcome to the OpenRent community!

I’m sorry to hear your prospective tenant is having difficulty paying the holding deposit to start Rent Now.

Unfortunately cards can be declined for a whole host of reasons, and while we show as much information as we receive from the cardholder’s bank about a decline, most declines are generic.

It’s useful to check the following though:

  • The payment card being used needs to be a UK debit card (where it’s a holding deposit payment).
  • Try to make the payment again, double-checking that all the details are correct.
  • In particular, make sure that there isn’t any other address that the card could be registered to.
  • Contact your bank’s customer services to see if they are blocking the payment for any reason.
  • Try using a different card to make payment, if you have one available.

In case you haven’t seen this page, it explains how each stage of our Rent Now (tenancy creation) process works, so is worth a read:

As the landlord, we’ll notify you by email and SMS as soon as a holding deposit offer is made on your property, and advise on the next steps.


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I am having the same issue.
Made 3 payment attempts using 2 different bank cards for the Holding Deposit and they all failed. Contacted my banks and they have confirmed that the the money left the account and it is currently a pending transaction on it’s way to OpenRent. They advised me to contact OpenRent as they can’t help at this time. What can I do? There is no OpenRent phone number for me to call to get this sorted. Need help!

What I know at this time is that I just lost £600 and that I cannot secure the property!!


Hey Andre,

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately our payment provider had a temporary issue this morning.

I’m guessing you have some transactions which show on your online banking as ‘pending’? If that’s the case, then these should disappear from there within a few working days. You will not be debited for any failed payments.

I do apologise for any inconvenience caused - as the issue was with our payment provider this was outside of OpenRent’s control.

The issue was resolved earlier today, so I’d encourage you to try making payment again and you should be able to proceed.


Hi Simon,

I tried 4 times to pay for the Gas/Electrical check last night. It failed. I contacted the bank and they said there is no issue with my card. I tried different cards too.

Hi Uma,

Sorry to hear that! There appears to have been a technical issue with our card payment provider last night, affecting some of our customers.

Everything is now back up and running, so I’d encourage you to try again - you should have more luck now :smiley:

In case you still get stuck though, just drop the team a message - that way we can see your account details and provide a more tailored response.


For me it has been issues with OpenRent all the way through. First they do perfunctory credit checks that are useless and don’t reflect the reality at all. Now I tried to pay the account they provide and two different banks are telling this account is not recognised (as if something fishy with it). One of them cancelled my transfer, the other one just straight doesn’t let me pay this account number.

The page for the payment only gives an option to contact the landlord, openrent sheds most responsibility, even to answer questions for this.

I thought this portal was meant to be the escape from dodgy agencies and now I am almost missing dealing with agencies.

Great job guys.

Hi @Fernando1,

Sorry to hear about your experience with our referencing partners. Do feel free to drop us a message and we can look into this.

The bank details that we have visible on the website are always accurate and reflect our own details, rest assured. Some banks have more stringent security measures than others, and so will flag our bank details. This isn’t uncommon and doesn’t reflect how our website is fully secure, with the details we provide you being unique to your tenancy.

It’s good to see you paid the final balance a short while after your post, and with no issues. All the best for your tenancy!


Payment failed when trying to sort holding deposit.

My Holding Deposit is not going through due to a postcode error. I went to the bank and have called the customer care number, they have the same postcode on file. OpenRent being really unhelpful - anyone have an idea how I should proceed. I have attempted at least 20 transactions.