Payroll/Payslip Issues

Hi looking for anyones advice on the following Tenant or LL’s.

I recently failed referencing with a more upmarket rental property. The issue they had was that although they could see from my bank statements I was being paid weekly the amount I disclosed over a month my payslips were issued monthly.

Effectively I was paid every Friday but the Payroll was run monthly by the company.

I have since taken this issue up with the company I work for and although they said they don’t see anything wrong with it have agreed to issue me with weekly payslips going forwards. But will not be able to backdate these as they are not willing to pay the fine.

Can anyone tell me whether or not this would be an issue for every single rental property or LL?

I rented in the past when I was with another company with no issue at all. Moved back to my parents place and now need to move again by September but won’t have sufficient weekly payslips. All the places I’m looking at are clearly in budget as can be seen on bank statements.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

Im shocked that it was an issue in the first place. Unless Ive missed something its just a question of multiplying by 52/12

To be honest, I thought the same. I tried to tell them there’s 4.33 weeks in every month and the pay adds up which you can clearly see comes in every Friday from the employer. I’m just worried about finding another place and having the exact same issue after going through all the paperwork and putting down another holding deposit.

I was paid weekly for yrs as I was a locum, rented with no issues. most recently rented end of 2019.i don’t think much has changed in terms of tenant screening since then.

Was your payslips issued weekly or monthly?

weekly when I had started the tenancy and provided proof, I think it was let alliance. Later as it was an ongoing locum which went on for yrs, the job was classed to be under ir35 and so they started deducting tax at source and started doing monthly payslips like a salaried perm job

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