PDF Receipts of transactions done via Openrent

Just a suggestion as more and more things are becoming digital so theoretically less paper been printed. Could Openrent send maybe a PDF of any transaction that could be saved straight to your hard drive or whatever platform you may use for recording expenses? Currently whenever I get a rent receipt or buy anything related to setting up a tenancy I am printing it off and scanning it and the throwing the hard copy away which is in my view a waste of paper and time. Just an idea…

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Hello. Yes PDF would be useful but to save the trees and hassle, you can print straight to PDF from your email. When you print, just make sure the printer selected says “print to PDF” (or similar depending on what OS / email application you’re using) so no need to print… I don’t have a printer and I manage ok :slight_smile:

Ha brilliant learn something new everyday, appreciate this!

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Hi @james36 and @mita, thanks for your thoughts on this.

I believe we already offer what you are describing. You can find a record of all your payments to OpenRent here:


This page is accessible via:
Manage > Dashboard > Property Services > Payment History

Hope this helps,