Periodic tenancy notification

Hi my tenant is coming to the end of his fixed term short old tenancy he wants to stay we want him to stay so it will as i understand it roll over at the end of the tenancy to a periodic tenancy. His current ast is silent on this should i write to him and inform him of the change ? If so what specifically do i need to include. TIA

Its not a bad idea, but beware of winging it based on basic knowledge of the legislation or you could mislead them and have it used against you later. If you are sure that your tenancy is a straightforward fixed term AST and not a Contractual Periodic Tenancy, then perhaps send them a link to the Shelter website here: Options when your fixed term tenancy ends - Shelter England

You would need to let them know that you are going for the rolling periodic tenancy option that is explained in the link.

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