Personal data breach?

Hi all wonder if you can give me a little bit of advice pls, i’m new on here so hope i’m in the correct section !
I very recently secured a property via openrent. Tenant reference request sent to previous LL who completed and returned. However previous LL has since emailed me (i have never given my email address to her) and she advised me that openrent have provided her with my email address so she can contact me.
1st question … is my email address included in the tenant reference request ?
2nd question… should openrent have provided her with my personal data ?
Thank you in advance

Very good question. I imagine that you have agreed to them passing it on somewhere in their terms.

Why is this a problem if you wish to obtain a new place?

Are you objecting to a previous landlord having your email address? If so I’m surprised they didn’t have it when your were renting from them, but in any case, I’m not entirely sure what you hope to happen now. What’s the outcome you’re after?

Yes my previous LL, my email address has never been requested by her and my husband deals with all communication due to my ill health and her not very nice manner. When the email address was given by openrent we had been issued a section 21 (LL returning back to UK) and now I am receiving constant intimidating and angry emails which is not helping me out be bit.

I have not agreed to this at all, as a prospective tenant my dealings are direct with prospective LL so no terms and conditions where ever signed for openrent

block the offending e mail sender

I expect that this covers them:

I’m not entirely sure why she should be contacting you at all, let alone why she’s angry, but yes, you can block her email if you don’t need to be in touch with her.

Send me a private message on here if you need help with that.