Info required from tenant for Open Rent references?

Hi everyone, quick question about references

If I go ahead with an Open Rent comprehensive reference check on potential tenants - how does it work please ? What information do I need to obtain from a tenant for Open Rent to carry out their checks?

Do I literally just supply the tenant’s names to Open Rent? And then Open Rent contact them directly for referee names and obtain the references?

Many thanks !


the more info the better including an email address. look at it this way .they tell you name, age ,address ,employment, previous landlord etc and you put it on a piece of paper. The check comes back and they have lied . Destroy the paper and do not rent to them

That’s really helpful - thank you!

Hi Pam, to begin referencing via OpenRent’s referencing partners, all you need is the tenants name, email address, phone number and consent.

More info here:


Hi Sam

I’m starting referencing for a couple, they share the same email address however requires a unique email address for each tenant, can you advise how to proceed?

Thank you

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Hi Catherine,

Both tenants will need to have a unique email address. It only takes a couple of minutes for a tenant to set one up with a provider such as gmail or outlook.

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