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OK everyone, here’s what I found out. Pet insurance small print! It’s not worth the money, even if you can insist your tenant has cover, it still won’t pay out for the smelly carpets, fleas etc. Here is a message from my Broker at Alan Boswell Ins. Don’t bother with it is my conclusion. WE NEED DOG DEPOSITS instead!!!

Thank you for your call yesterday requesting information on the pet cover. As I mentioned, your current insurer will not cover this. We can take a look at quoting with the Salvation Army who provide this cover.
Cover only provides for damage that occurs at one time – so if a tenant moves out and the carpets have to be replaced because they have let their animal foul on them, or they just are stained or smelly, that is not covered. Things such as flea infestations would also not be covered. However, if an animal destroys something in one occurrence, then that can be claimed but would be subject to the standard excesses.
Limit is £5,000, cost is £56 per property.

Pet Damage

Under Section 2 – Contents on Page 37 of your Policy the following additional cover is now included:-

  1. Domestic Pets

Sudden, unintentional and unexpected physical loss, breakage or damage caused by a domestic pet to:-

  • the fixtures and fittings of your property

  • Contents

This extension is subject to a maximum limit of £5,000.


speaks for itself, no animals and no salvation even with the Army !


I don’t know what everyone is worried about when they apply pretend to be pet friendly , I love dogs blah blah blah and see what they say then don’t take them on .
Also go on FB and see if they have pet pictures etc !
I have had a few apply and I ring back saying bad luck and sorry this time !


I am pet friendly. When I lived in Wales we were adopted by a group of feral cats I fed them all Had them all neutered, Even an op on one that cost us £800 . BUT they were never allowed in the house. all lived outside . I loved it


Sue 3 I have just realised what you said about “dog deposits.”… I would say that Is the LAST thing we need. !!


Don’t poo-poo it without giving it proper thought

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In my experience, insurance companies no longer pay anyone anything. Prove me wrong.


Yes, that’s a great idea. However, the problem will be when they bring an animal after they moved in. The landlord will not be able to day no and will have to give a"valid" reason for refusing withing 28 days. Then what? You will not be able to refuse and even if you do, how about the costs of re letting the property, inventory check in, references, cleaning etc ? This is the last time we’re renting out. I will not allow a dictator government impose I have to take tenants with pet in my hard earned property. Even if we get pet deposit as some people are suggesting, who will deal with the bloody DPS? They always side the tenant. Enough of this nightmare.


Exactly Colin, and as it is, dealing with the deposit protection scheme is an absolute time consuming nightmare and lost battle for most landlords as the scheme is one sided.


Exactly! And who will deal with the insurance company? Only headache wherever we look.


As expected really. Insurance rarely covers ‘wear & tear’

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