Pet insurance (protecting the building) so I can get a puppy!

Hello! My landlord has very kindly agreed that I can get a small dog. He has requested that I get insurance to cover any possible accidental damage the dog might cause to the property (the main concern is chewing, and the building is listed and historic and beautiful).

Having read the fine print on a few policies, most don’t actually cover “domestic pet damage” even though the policy is entitled “Pet Insurance for your home” … does anyone have any suggestions of companies to try? Alternatively, what arrangement have you come to with your landlord? It’s a beautiful house, and I’m lucky to have a great relationship with my landlord. We are both trying our best to make it work to the optimum on both sides.

I think you’re landlord has posted the same question. The advice given was to increase the rent as insurance policies are probably inadequate and can lapse.

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You sound very appreciative of your landlord and home, so hope it works out for you.

I don’t know about any insurances but prevention is better than cure, so practicalities should be considered too.

Puppies are going to chew there’s no stopping it, it’s a stage they go through. They are also going to have to learn how to be house trained and trained in general.

Would you consider getting an older dog that is already house trained and has gone through the chewing stage? An older dog sleeps more and is usually calmer and less of a liability.

Dogs will chew when left if they become bored or lonely or distressed, so how much time are you going to be home and how you are going to manage if you need to go out.

Carpets and floors need cleaning regularly and bedding washed daily or the place will quickly smell.

Puppies are very cute but exceptionally hard work.

Bring older myself I don’t have puppies anymore as don’t have the energy they require. We have just got an 11 year old rescue dog but there is always someone home so no barking or chewing here. He’s just as cute and cuddly and funny as any puppy!

Enjoy your new dog!