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I think openrent is not aware that the law about pet has been modified in 2016 and we need to do something in this regard. I have a very quiet dog the size of a cat and she never barks. I m literally getting crazy, because many landlords refuse the word “pets” in advance showing bot ignorance of the law and lack of awareness of how well trained the average dog is thank to the care of a decently responsible pet parent. Today, I was called liar by a landlord, just because I did not specify on the usual list of questions that I have a pet and just text her/him about this later. I just wanted to make clear that my dog is very well trained and quiet and a small size by explaining this to her. I don t think my small could be a nuisance for anybody and she is such a size that she can perfectly live in a one bedroom apartment or even a studio. I think it s time also for landlord to start respecting the law and, as tenants, we should refer to openrent to ask them collaboration in this sense. That list of questions in the rental section shouldn t ask if you own a pet. I attach reference of the British law:’s%20model%20assured%20shorthold%20tenancy%20agreement&text=A%20Tenant%20must%20seek%20the,request%20on%20its%20own%20merits

@Georgiana5 Very sorry you are mistaken. This is not law. It’s the governments preferred draft AST. Landlords have no reason to use this should they not wish to.

Please be thorough before posting misinformation.

Not disclosing that you have a pet on application is fraudulent.

Being a neighbour of a yapping dog in flats is not pleasant. Other tenants or property owners have a right to quiet enjoyment of their home.

You will find that many landlords are not permitted to have pets in the property.

With respect a landlord has far more experience of the average behaviour of pets than the average tenant.

And remember this …they don’t want dogs for a reason .


Of course everyone’s precious little Rover is not a nuisance. In the real world, everyone would say that and in some cases they are lying. The problem is we don’t know which potential tenants are being economical with the truth.
There is no law that says I have to accept applications from tenants with pets. If I have 2 suitable ones, I will choose the one without a pet.
It really is as simple as that.


I think Georgiana5 needs to brush up on what constitutes a law/ change in law and what constitutes a choice.

I shall help:
Law - must be followed and has been passed through parliament or official body and therefore must be followed

Choice - completely up to the person making the decision.

What Georgiana is talking about is a “model tenancy agreement” which a landlord has a CHOICE to use. It is not stated anywhere in LAW that it has to be used and therefore cannot be enforced by any legal body.

Regards pets if you want to live in someone else’s house you will have to live by their rules if they state no pets then don’t apply if you have pets. If they accept pets happy days apply to make THEIR HOUSE your home.

Always remember law and choice are very different and not to be confused.


Even if this dog doesn’t bark, the Ll cannot possibly determine this. And when cute little puddles finally croaks it, then puddles II might bark like a maniac.


No it s not simple as that. You can t even write on the contract that the property doesn’t accept pet and u are able to refuse just on the basis of valid, grounded reasons. I think the amount of money we pay to landlords in this country for rentals is enough to ask u to respect the laws of this country… Please, educate yourself by learning the British laws. You can t discriminate on the basis of a pet ownership and neither if someone is on benefits and u do it all the times through openrent through a list of silly questions!

@Georgiana5 non of it is law yet. It IS PROPOSED only. If it comes to fruition there will be even fewer rentals as landlords will sell up. Good luck then!

I will always let my hard earned property to the lowest risk tenant, regardless of what the law says anyway.


This is subjective. Who determines what is a valid reason???

My property my reasons.
I would argue that those who leave a dog locked up by all day in a single room is cruelty. That’s good enough in itself.

If you don’t like the private landlord rules, there’s always social housing.

You need to face facts, dog owners will always be bottom of the list regardless of the so called law. It’s always been this way. Landlords will have their way I assure you.


IT IS NOT LAW How many times do you have to be told??


This has all gone thru in other posts and not worth any landlord replying to tenants who do not understand the PRESENT situation

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“I think the amount of money we pay to landlords in this country for rentals is enough to ask u to respect the laws of this country…” Your money is all for rent. No one needs to be paid to respect the law. The contract you are referring is not the law. I have seen a lovely well behaved dog scooting his bum on a carpet! It is not the noise always…


I know exactly how that dog feels !


You mean your mom s dog??

@Georgiana5 As opposed to a troll?

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I am sick of people like this one who cannot show reason because they hate the fact they can’t have their own way. They need to understand that if they want choice then they need to BUY their own property, where they are the ones who are responsible for ALL of the bills.

Shear arrogance, ignorance and sense of entitlement.


I would not not be refusing you because you own a dog.

I would however refuse you on your unpleasant and arrogant attitude.

As Colin said, research through the numerous posts already on this forum and you will find your answers.

Btw I am a dog owner.

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