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I have just listed my first property on open rent. I have just looked at the pictures that I uploaded and although they looked good (i spent a lot of time on them). when I now see them uploaded they look dreadful. Any advise on how to resolve would be much appreciated they are currently not making a good impression.



Hi Wendy, we have a guide to taking good photographs of your rental property here.

You can edit or upload new photos on your OpenRent advert at any time.

(NB: if you are using Ultimate Advertising, it will take a short while for the update to carry across to Rightmove and Zoopla.)

Thanks I will have a read. The pictures looked good until they were uploaded then they all looked very distorted and blurry I eventually paused my ad because they are that bad.

If the pictures look fine on your laptop or phone, write to Open Rent and ask for their opinion on why they do not look as good on the web.

Don’t rely on your printer as the standard of quality. See it on a device.

Thanks @John45 my pictures looked fine on my device it was when I went onto the open rent website I seen how dreadful they were. I redid them and used canva to change the size etc and they then looked better but still not great once uploaded in my opinion.

I would have though that reducing the file size would only increase the speed with which the photos would open: it should not impact photo quality unless it became pixilated by excessive file size reduction. I can only assume the photo was scanned (by someone) for upload, as that would impact both the quality and explain the distortion.

I don’t know anything about websites: I have always assumed that photos are simply uploaded and what you see depends on the quality of the device you are using to view that website. It is possible that the website uses some form of colour rendering or colour optimisation and that would affect the image as seen by the viewer. I doubt if it is altered in this way, so do write directly to Open Rent for their opinion.

Hi Wendy,

If using our guide Sam linked above doesn’t improve the photo quality, we advise forwarding the photos to us at https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions. We can then look into this for you and upload them to your listing.

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Hi, I put the pictures through the canva app and changed the sizes to the same as a FB post should be for a mobile device and they looked much better.

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