Photo visibility on OpenRent ads

Hi folks,

When trying to put photos up on my OpenRent ad, they seem to end up being cropped and focused in on in a slightly random way. It may partly be to do with photos in portrait or landscape view (is it unreasonable to expect both, depending on the dimensions of your property/views?), but they actually seem to be slightly unpredictably cropped whether in portrait or landscape. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi Zoltan, I struggle with the same issue! Have you managed to resolve it?
Thanks in advance for your help,

For info, I’ve just seen this reply from the openrent team:

'The height-width ratio used is just an aspect of how photos are displayed on our website specifically - it isn’t a cause for concern and won’t affect how they appear on portals such as Rightmove.

Rest assured tenants can see the full image either in the thumbnail or by clicking to enlarge the picture.

Most tenants will see the advert on other sites where the photos will be displayed differently and in full.

If you have any questions regarding this, or relating to your specific listing, please feel free to contact us here.

Hi Geraldine,

It’s not ideal. I spent some three years looking at Openrent ads without thinking to click to enlarge the picture (why would anyone click twice on a picture?!) I expect many prospective tenants did the same, just seeing the floor of my lovely lounge rather than the whole room!

Pictures do show better on Rightmove and Zoopla, as per the response you’ve seen, however I would have thought many prospective tenants look at the Openrent portal.

One thing I spent a long time doing was resize a number of my images to make them “fit” on Openrent. Don’t do this as they then look odd on the other portals!

I’ve asked Openrent about this a few times, I don’t really know why they haven’t fixed it. The response below is familiar - “it isn’t a cause for concern” when you have raised it as a cause for concern. A denial there is a problem at all means it won’t be fixed anytime soon. Sorry I can’t help more.

Good luck with your ad!


A huge thank you for your detailed reply Zoltan, I am also disappointed about my pictures, which certainly don’t give my flat justice. It’s also helpful to know I shouldn’t spent too much time playing with the pics sizes as they then wouldn’t appear great on other websites.

I have changed the cover picture, will give it a week, but will go through an agency if it doesn’t create enough interest.

I hope you managed to let your flat through Openrent,